my first post!

. Wednesday, February 7, 2007
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Oh, you are in my first blog.
Is blogging an alternative to the most unrestricted freedom - thinking????????
Well, let me look at this a little closer. Is it possible for me to blog everything that comes to my mind? Especially, when its about those I interact with everyday, those who affect my life in many ways and those who are likely to visit this page and read this?
It sounds outrageous. Outrageous... because one cannot be honest in a transparent forum like this. The reason.... well, there are more than one reason.
1. you simply can't hurt others.
2. Many a times you realize that your understanding of an individual is never complete.
3. You just can't afford to express your true thoughts about someone.

So, why am I here?
I love to experiment. Especially if it involves some kind of thinking for I am too lazy to do anything that involves real effort. From what I understand, blogging lets you think. It gives you an opportunity to voice your views without inhibitions (in most of the cases).
But there is probably one main reason why Im here. And, that is I want to be heard. The voice in my head is constantly heard by me. but. But, it simply does not exist beyond my imaginations, beyond my mind. This is an attempt to give words to those random voices, an attempt to cyber-immortalize those transient thoughts.