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. Tuesday, February 13, 2007
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Why should one force himself to live in a way the society wants him to live????? Is it not possible to break out of the society????? If that means living alone in an deserted island with no contact to outside world, when am I going to find that island????????


ramaathreya said...

same thoughts here too.. wish i could have a place to go where no one else knows.. but that is going to be difficult.. this huge earth is not enough for the greed of people.. every forest is getting destroyed for constructing buildings.. :-(

ramaathreya said...

and i dont care a bit about this useless, selfish society

mohit mittal said...

The answer to the first question is DESTINY. It is the destiny which forces us to live in a way society wants us to live.
The answer to the second question is YES. It is possible to break out of the society.
But if you want to search for deserted island to find solace and live a life on your own terms then I think u r grossly mistaken. You don’t need to search for a place this outside. It lies in your inner world which can be as loud as thousand seas and as silent as a dead body. You search for an island like this, but in the end you will gain nothing but disappointment. Thousands have tried and failed. Don’t be the one of them. When Buddha returned from Himalayas after gaining enlightenment, he was asked by his wife,” whatever you have attained was it not possible to attain it here in this place?” To which Buddha replied,” I could have attained it here, but I had no idea at that moment. Now I can say that I could have attained it here in this place, there was no need to go anywhere. I had to go inside, and that could have happened anywhere.”
You need to penetrate inside to find the deserted island which is waiting for you since eternity to come and bloom it with the flowers which are your own, which are not brought, and which are not destined to wither and die. This is the answer to your third question.